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December 13, 2017
Westmont Friends,
As we prepare to celebrate our Lord's birth--and in the midst of the Westmont community's disruption and uncertainty caused by the Thomas Fire--we are reminded of our many blessings and of the knowledge that Jesus Christ is born into our midst. He is our hope and peace, our love and joy. 
Due to the Thomas Fire, the Westmont campus has been closed all week under a mandatory evacuation in Montecito; we are grateful that the campus so far has not been affected. As in previous fires, the college is currently serving as a command center for over 500 firefighters and dozens of fire trucks battling the fire in the Santa Barbara area. This has been declared the fourth-largest wildfire in state history, causing countywide school closures and disruptions to everyday life. 

Students were evacuated from campus last weekend and professors are working directly with students to hold final exams off campus. While the campus is closed, President Beebe, his executive team, and about 25 staff members are working from the Westmont Downtown offices. Other staff are working remotely. For complete coverage of the college's response and updates, see the alerts posted on the Westmont website.

For many people, the end of the year is also a time to remember Westmont and other favorite charities with financial support.  In addition, year-end gifts can result in meaningful tax savings.  Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other marketable securities can provide significant tax savings as you pay no capital gains taxes and claim a deduction based on the fair market value at the time of the gift transfer. Non-Cash gifts or gifts of property can also provide income and tax savings.  Property may include CDs and money market accounts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and personal property such as art or collectibles. And, those individuals who are 70 1/2 years or older will find it effective to make an IRA Rollover Gift by transferring funds from an IRA account by means of the Charitable Distribution Provision.  We recommend that you review these ideas with your financial advisor or CPA to determine what strategy is best for you to achieve year-end tax savings while blessing charities and ministries you care about

Blessings and Best,

For more information about our legacy society, click the image below:

To learn about how to make a legacy gift, click here

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Thank you for your interest in planned giving. To access any of our resources, please go to our website.

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