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October 10, 2018
Westmont Friends,

Homecoming weekend October 12-13 is a time to reunite with classmates, celebrate class reunions, visit classes with students, appreciate new buildings and other campus improvements, attend faculty lectures and other events, while celebrating the college's core mission and values throughout the weekend.  Highlighting this year's Homecoming weekend will be the All-Alumni brunch on Saturday morning celebrating Howard Kootstra '76 and Shauna Niequist '98 as alumnus and alumna of the year.

October marks the middle of the semester for students and we celebrate their academic and artistic  endeavors. Westmont Theatre Arts brings a contemporary energy and sense of humor to its staging of “Pride and Prejudice” opening on Oct. 19 in Westmont’s Porter Theatre.  The Westmont Orchestra season also begins on October 19 with "Dream of America," an exploration of the American experience in powerful and hopeful ways.
Twenty-five students showcased their impressive scientific work at the Celebration of Summer Research on September 21.  Westmont’s academic program gives students opportunities to work directly with faculty on research and scholarly projects.  Most of the summer projects continue during the school year like the work on the new micro electrode array to detect and record the response of neurons to genetic mutation or toxins. This research will lead to the advancement in the understanding of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Nobel Prize winner in economics, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and bestselling author Daniel Kahneman will be on campus on Thursday and Friday, November 1-2.  In addition to a public lecture and luncheon on Friday, Dr. Kahneman will be speaking to Economics and Business students and student leaders about his influential work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making and behavioral economics. Click here to buy tickets to the luncheon.

This month's GiftLegacy includes an article about IRAs, an essential part of most people's retirement planning, as Social Security will provide only about 40 percent of the average person's retirement income.  The Personal Planner article addresses IRA savings, rollovers, and distributions.  For more information about IRAs and gifts from IRAs, please contact us at (805) 565-6058.

Blessings and Best,


Online Resource for preparing or updating Wills and Trusts
Wills and Trusts are vitally important to protect your family by not only naming a guardian for your children, but to properly distribute your assets and to help avoid a lengthy probate process. Westmont is making available a new affordable online resource for alumni, parents, and friends of the college to prepare wills and trusts or to update your documents online through Christian Trustmaker.Available plans include will, revocable living trust, powers of attorney for property and health, and advance medical directives.

For more information about our legacy society, click the image above:

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Personal Planner
Personal Planner
Wills - Perils of Probate
Business Owner passed away on April 5, 1976, with an estate of $2.5 billion. Many people appeared claiming, "I am Business Owner's heir" and submitted wills with themselves as beneficiaries.
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Savvy Living
Savvy Living
Free Resources That Can Help with Your Medicare Decisions
I am considering making changes to my Medicare coverage during the open-enrollment period. Can you recommend some free resources that can help me decide what changes I should make?
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Donor Story
Donor Story
Emeritus Trustee sets up Charitable Remainder Trust
David and Carolyn Spainhour support Westmont as Wallace Emerson Society members After a long and respected career with Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, David Spainhour retired in 2004.
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Washington News
Washington News
Small Business TCJA Tax Changes
In IR-2018-2003, the IRS reminded small business owners that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) includes many changes that may reduce or change their taxes. While there are approximately two months left in the calendar year, many small businesses may still...
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Netflix Shares Rise on Strong Earnings

Treasury Yields Rise as Stocks Skid

Mortgage Rates Dip

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