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December 12, 2018
Westmont Friends,

This is our last issue of the year and Gift Legacy will resume again in January. As we give thanks for all the good things that have happened at Westmont this year, we ask you to keep our students in your prayers as they complete final exams and head home for Christmas. One year ago, Westmont's campus was evacuated due to the Thomas Fire.  It was a season of chaos and ever present danger.  This Advent season, we remember the devastation from California's largest wildfire and the subsequent mudslide in Montecito with grateful hearts for God's protection of Westmont's campus.
Westmont remains vigilant in the face of future storms. Due to the thorough work of Hydrologist Brett Gracely '90 of the Matrix Group in Colorado and Troy Harris '74 Westmont Assistant VP for Institutional Resiliance, President Beebe announced last week that the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management shows Westmont (in yellow on the top left of the image above) outside of the evacuation zone. See the Storm Planning Update for more information on Westmont's emergency plans and the hydrology report.
Westmont celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Voskuyl Library on December 3. Built in 1968 and remodeled in 2010, the Roger John Voskuyl Library is a center of campus life. It took 19 months to build the Library, but only one day to fill it with books. Under the direction of Dr. Vernon Ritter, over 600 students, faculty and staff carried 45,000 books and periodicals to the new space. Today, the Library has more than 150,000 books, music scores, and media, 200,000 ebooks and streaming video, and subscribes to over 100 databases and 50,000 online and print journals. Pictured above at the celebration is President Gayle Beebe, Library & Information Services Director Mary Logue '00 and Provost Mark Sargent (from right to left). Last week's celebration ended as did move-in day in 1968 with the singing of the Doxology...'Praise God from whom all blessings flow'...

Bringing Hope to the World - One  Graduate at a Time is the theme for Westmont's year-end giving appeal. The ministry of Westmont guides young people at a crucial time in their lives. Through your generosity you help students learn to serve with empathy, humility and purpose. In addition to outright contributions, you might want to consider IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts, Gifts of Appreciated Assets and Gifts that Provide Income that help Westmont and can provide you tax savings as well.  Contact us for more information.
All good wishes to you and your families for a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Online Resource for preparing or updating Wills and Trusts
Wills and Trusts are vitally important to protect your family by not only naming a guardian for your children, but to properly distribute your assets and to help avoid a lengthy probate process. Westmont is making available a new affordable online resource for alumni, parents, and friends of the college to prepare wills and trusts or to update your documents online through Christian Trustmaker.Available plans include will, revocable living trust, powers of attorney for property and health, and advance medical directives.

For more information about our legacy society, click the image above:
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Kati Buehler
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Gift Planning
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Gift Planning

Thank you for your interest in planned giving. For more information, please contact Kati or Mona.
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